Series of Short Poems

“Dancing my way to happiness”

0 Comments 16 August 2013

An acceptance for some simple truths’ of living ,
Most days seem like a race against time for surviving,
Our lives are not like storybook tales with happily-ever-after endings

Your best or worst days don’t define your life,
Its how you deal with everyday a true reality check showing you a guideline

We all need a time to be free ,
A time called yours and only for your well-being,
A time you cease the moment for your own inner peace ,
Dance has given me those moments of solace

Dance isn’t just moving in sync with a melody ,
Its expressing yourself with zestful energy ,
Focusing all your energies to one rhythm reenergises your body and soul ,
Oh yes alas I’ve found a way of happiness of my own!

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    Life's Lessons


    0 Comments 01 July 2013

    Is it possible to forgive and forget?
    We forgive for our own peace of mind,
    But what if the mind’s still not ready to forget?
    Forgetting doesn’t happen as flashes of moments often rewind

    Friends play a definitive role in shaping who we are ,
    Joys of true friendship makes life seem like a symphony,
    Joys of reliving simple pleasures are possible in their company

    Moments shared together filled with jokes and laughter ,
    Moments shared together expressing our innermost ardor ,
    These moments become vivid memories which is the reason I now wonder

    What happens when these memories don’t share a happy space in our hearts subliminally?
    What happens when its not so pleasant thinking of a friend or their friendship?
    What happens when you are healed by forgiveness but that friendship you cant forget entirely ?

    Some Lessons best learnt the hard way,
    Being too naive or helpful gives certain friends a leeway,
    Every friendship has its limits,
    To avoid getting hurt at breaking point we must know when to delimit,
    The purpose of such relations doesn’t make sense,
    Only way out is to make such friendships past tense
    Forgiven but not forgotten is as if something within has “Broken”

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      “A New Begining”

      0 Comments 27 May 2013

      Emotions deep and complicated
      Too deep to decipher ,
      Too many to understand
      There is one conclusive feeling crystal clear ,
      Feeling of love which grows with each passing year

      A decade of courtship with series of highs & lows
      A decade of memories with beautiful moments to ponder upon ,
      The next natural transition was marriage ,
      we could hardly wait to take our vows !!

      Marriage lead to new hopes and promises ,
      Marrage lead to new dreams & expectations
      There are days filled with happiness its as if we are walking on air ,
      then there are days filled with disappointments that create tension
      But at the end a voice within prays we keep each other happy ,
      we hold on to each other for this reassurance

      We are amatuers today learning each day how to live together ,
      but together I know we will find our way,
      For I am happy I am home ,
      Its truly a place where I belong

      Bon voyage to all our years of distance & separation ,
      we embrace a challenging yet blissful journey of companionship

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        Life's Lessons


        0 Comments 04 May 2013

        A power magical
        A presence eternal
        His presence comes through his pure and unconditional love,
        the love that we see daily in many forms and situations,
        yes its not easy to notice but to feel his presence is a magical experience
        its a “Gift” that makes us feel its all a big miracle!

        Life is unfair agreed,
        but reassurance of his love is surreal
        Our lives are like two sides of a coin ,
        Through our tales of joys and sorrow ,
        he teaches us to rise higher & grow wiser each time we fall

        The word Faith defines him,
        He is our saviour , he is our guardian
        He is within us , he is our inner voice

        Surrounded by his radiance I pray he showers serenity in my life
        His kindness gives a supreme pathway to bliss ,
        once surrounded by his blessings I feel I have the power to fly with wings!

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          Life's Lessons


          0 Comments 24 March 2013

          Though inevitable why is change so difficult to handle?
          Though gradual why is growing up like crossing so many hurdles?

          Though living apart is tough why is love so deep?
          it still grows so all you can do is wait in vain
          Though distance is a hard reality to face,
          why is this love so powerful you smile in this pain?

          Though forgive and forget is the best healer ,
          Why is it almost impossible to not look back ever?
          Though practicality is the best option ,
          why is sensitivity sometimes the only reaction?

          Questions that remain unanswered ,
          Is that WHY we hear people say “Life is not fair” I wonder?

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            Life's Lessons


            4 Comments 24 March 2013

            Fear of losing love
            Fear of losing family
            Fear of not reaching our goals
            Fear of failing to meet our desires

            Fear lessens our yearn to live
            Fear brings out a sense of insecurity
            Fear weakens the soul
            Fear makes us shed tears

            Fear is such a negative emotion
            To live in fear will lead to depression

            Live fearlessly not carelessly
            Dare to dream endlessly

            Take risks to conquer your fears
            You cant just live you must feel alive
            Be alive to see the need to control fear
            Happiness will follow suit automatically
            Your search for life’s purpose will finally become clear !

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              Life's Lessons

              “Life and Death”

              0 Comments 19 March 2013

              `Its always said live in the moment
              Live life kingsize like there is no tomorrow
              A perfect way to stay content
              A theory so simple yet too difficult to follow

              Life has various shades
              some bright and colourful
              some dark and painful
              Each shade teaches us , it changes us
              We evolve into better beings
              though not easily realised every hurdle it does help us

              Death an inevitable part of every being
              Brings a scary feeling deep within
              Lets make the most of what life gives us
              Best way not to let fear of losing someone worry us

              Bitter truth of life is this cycle of life and death ,
              forever it goes on
              People come and go but this world moves on

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